Top 7 way to get followed on Spotify (with cat gifs!)

Just Chillin 2

With cat gifs! Why? Because why not. Moving on.

Spotify is an epic service, whether you’re shelling out the 12 chips a month to take it offline, or just dipping your feet in with the free version, you’re getting quite a robust and socially integrated music streaming tool. I am a self-professed Spotify addict, with a humble 102 total followers. I’m a DJ by trade, so I suppose I’m cheating a little. Whether you think this is more shameless self-promotion than “well-researched content” you could still stand to learn a little something from this article. Plus there’s cats, so I know you’re gonna read it anyway.

Name your playlist appropriately

Name appropriately

Using your name as the name of a playlist (unless you’re really, really cool. Like, we’re talking Jack Nicholson in Wayfarers riding a dolphin cool) it is tired and predictable to use your namesake as your playlist. So avoid this faux pas straight up. You don’t want failure to launch like the poor kitty above. You need a name to suit the style of playlist, assuming it’s a compilation, show some dynamism with a name like absolute slangers or “Ain’t no nappy ass music, dis ISSH dank”. The latter doesn’t exist so you can take that name if you’d like. You know you want too.

Whatever you chose, make sure it captures the mood you will be trying to create with the kind of content you’re adding. For example, if you playlist will only include party music, try and make direct reference to alcohol, drugs or gambling with dogs. Not trying to be funny here, that’s really a thing. I’ve seen paintings. Another thing, keep it 3 words or below as it’s classier if it’s readable in the sidebar.

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Have good source material (But don’t steal)variety

When Just Chillin started getting attention, it was really cool to see some of the more obscure tracks I added ending up in the playlists of my followers. However, copying the entire playlist of one of your Facebook friends is a breach, man. Don’t be a sucker. You need your own vibe in your playlist and pinching too many tracks from others is no way to achieve that. Lay your swagger out. Some inspiration for Just Chillin came from the playlist High Life by a Facebook friend of mine, with its nice indie rock vibe that really struck a chord with me. I probably owe half of my followers to fresh tacks I added from High Life early on and I recommend giving this underrated playlist a follow. Or find your own inspiration from people you think have an epic taste in tuneage.

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Spend time on that THANG

Spend time

Don’t be satisfied by throwing a whole album in your playlist just because it’s popular at the moment, Break it up. Only put the top 3 songs from one album in at a time maximum. Even if you love every track on the album, having an entire album grouped up on your playlist is going to restrict accessibility to someone who doesn’t know the artist and look hella sloppy. Lull them in gently with just a few songs by the artist evenly dispersed around the playlist. As well as this, make sure you spend time on your top 12 tracks, these are the most visible to someone deciding whether to click that follow button and are crucial to closing the deal.

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Thank you for reading

Spotify allows you to add songs from your library that it doesn’t have, and when other users click on these tracks, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS AND ITS FRUSTRATING AS HELL. While it sucks majorly that Spotify’s remix catalogue is currently limited to official remixes only, putting in your own content will lead to a playlist that might look good to you, but is full of gaping chasms of useless click-hell for other users. As for local files dragged in from an iTunes playlist, check that all of these have been matched to Spotify’s server tacks so they too are consistent and play when clicked by other users.

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Keep an ear on Movie and video-game soundtracks.

spend time 11

The only link I wanna make between the image and the content in this paragraph is that if that if this cat were a person, it would be James Bond. Moving on. Directors pick tracks they think will add tension, atmosphere or develop characters. With the exception of the AC/DC overload in Iron Man 2 or any soundtrack mashed together human-centipede style by Michael Bay. Breaking Bad had some awesome and diverse tunes that ended up on some my playlists, and I can vouch that any show as well thought out as that will have some gems in the Ol’ soundtrack. Remember to write down some lyrics while you’re watching so you can find the tune later.

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Introduce some variety

group tracks

Inconsistency is annoying, variety is refreshing. There is absolutely no problem with switching an old album for fresher tracks, just remember to keep your playlist relatively intact. The cat playing exemplary Jenga here is a beautiful metaphor for this… or maybe I just wanted to add a GIF of a cat playing Jenga, so sue me. It’s a blurry line, and I’m not gonna say ditch your theme entirely, but do experiment a little with tunes from genres. There is nothing quite like jamming to an electric/indie playlist only to have a random 90’s track pop up from nowhere and give you that mad-decent nostalgic buzz. My current playlist Just Chillin II has everything from Tyler the Creator to Broods and Scissor Sisters. This came from exploring the whole album (shocking, not just the singles) of some of the artists in the Top 40 and beyond. The other advantage of exploring new albums really early is you can get sick tracks before they become singles and establish your place as an opinion leader. You hipster you.

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Know when to Quit

know when to quit

Just Chillin has 420 tracks. Yes that was intentional. Not because I’m a stoner, just because that number felt right. People are lazy and are likely to consume a playlist that is short n’ sweet rather than long and indulgent. Keep a playlist going for around 300 tracks, then cap it and start another one. Don’t be afraid to start from zero again. If your first playlist was good, this one will get followed too. HINT HINT  Just Chillin II… … … Yea I know, I’m white girling.

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Playlists mentioned in this blog to follow for inspiration: 

Just Chillin

Just Chillin II

High Life

absolute slangers

Other epic playlists:




DJ Stuff


5 Albums to crank during Uni Break

1. Far East Movement: Free Wired (2010)

Song to cop:

You can sing every word of “Like a G6” but can’t name me a single other track from the album? Oh lordy that is disturbing. When I first started DJ’ing I relied heavily on this album. Songs such as “White Flag” and “Rocketeer” provide excellent pre-party tuneage while the rowdy beats of “Girls on the Dance Floor” and “If I was You (OMG)” can elevate DAT mood to krumpity krump levels. If you are terrible at spllellin spelllyn spelun spelling, then the track above will help you with the words B-O-O-T-Y and C-O-N-D-O. Yea, it’s even educational. DAT track was hot, this album is hotter. Have a Snoop, no Lion (GET IT).



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2. Infant Sorrow: Get Him To The Greek: Original Soundtrack (2010)

Song to cop:

This movie is funny as hell. If you haven’t seen the Russel Brand epic Get Him to the Greek, then you’re a bad person and you should watch it RIGHT NOW. I’m leaving “Super tight (Feat. Aldous Snow)” above, because who can resist lines such as “You’re so tight, like a wet vice” hah. yea, there’s that. I honestly could quote lines 10 times more offensive in that song alone, so grateful I held back. This is more than just a movie soundtrack to me, it’s actually a really clever piece of social commentary. Sure, most tracks are overdone and hyperbolic for comic effect, but in 2014 could any of these songs actually shock us? I doubt it. If Rihanna can get away with “S&M”, KE$HA can sing about being a hoe and snorting blow, and Katy Perry can get nakeder and nakeder (it’s a word now) in every video, can we really say this content on this album any more shocking? I would suggest not. “Going Up'” and “F.O.H” are stand out tracks because in a light hearted way, they actually manage to be seriously inspiring. At least one listen through is essential to squeeze the comedy goodness out of this beauty.

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3. Nas: Illmatic (1994)

Song to cop:

Rap fan or not, Illmatic will get in your bones like the MSG in 2 minute noodles. This is not gangster rap, so even casual rap fans will find this accessible. Nas isn’t trying to be offensive or pretentious here, what Illmatic did was tell a story, take it or leave it, hate it or love it. Tracks such as “Halftime” and “The World is Yours” remind me why I love rap music, not to rebel or pretend I’m hood, but because rappers reach a level of soul and meaning through their verses that my rock n’ roll idols couldn’t manage with a million Marshal stacks and 20mins of lead solo. If you have nothing to do these holidays, crank it.


2. Ludovico Einaudi: In a Time Lapse (2013)

Song to cop:

The track above is featured in the 2014 movie The Book Thief, so mad points if you caught that one. This is my study album, it is also the most played album on my Spotify, which is kind of a big deal. Ludovico Einaudi takes classical music and gives it a modern feel and melodic lift. If you’re desperate enough to study these holidays, this is your soundtrack. First time through, listen from start to finish (it tells a story, so its worth doing in order).

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1. Flume: Flume (2012)

Song to cop:

Like many of the items I give the #1 spot, this requires little explanation. Flume, that cheeky Australian devil took the world by storm with this album. Everyone has no doubt smashed “Hyper paradise (Flume Remix)” and “Holdin’ On” a million times already, but you should also check out tracks such as “Insane” and “Sleepless” if they slipped through your fingertips first time round. Fine musical goodness. HOLLA


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Pre-town playlist Fridays: O-Week Edition

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Pre-Town playlist Fridays: TASTY REMIX EDITION


Hello Auckland, oh how you missed me. Iv’e been so busy with study I forgot to post for a couple weeks. But im back. As promised, here is your pre-town playlists for this weekend’s alcohol fuelled exploits. #drinkirresponsively

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First Week Advice for Uni Students in Auckland (in GIFs!)


ATTENTION ALL FRESHERS, DON’T PANIC! I hate yelling at you guys, but really, it is your first week at Uni, it’s meant to be fun and exciting so chill with me a sec alright. I understand that you are acutely aware of this being all new to you, what you might forget is that your lecturers know you’re new too! They aren’t about to give you 3 assignments in the first week, and even if they do, they have realistic expectations about how much time it will take you to complete them.  In addition to this, assessors will be more lenient on grading now than they will EVER be in future, so you have that going for you, which is nice. Sure, you need to take everything in the first week seriously but remember, from Bio-med to Bussiness, they aren’t gonna drown you and make you hate your course this early. Oh, and before you go telling me I don’t know shit about shit, I lived with 1st year Med-students last year, so I can comment with some authority here. If they can handle it, SO CAN YOU.    GOOOOO YOU!   *Spirit fingers*

bb 1

If you come from a small town and have some backwards opinions on political, social and racial issues, the GIF image above explains how Auckland people will see you for expressing these beliefs of old. (Just to be clear, your religion is cool, this article has nothing to do with that! We’re talking prejudice here). Auckland is a multi-cultural society and like it or not, you have to be open  minded to live and love here. Moving on… you know what happen in Auckland last year? Same love happen, the entire Skytower was rainbow coloured, Maurice Williamson’s epic speech happen and everyone came to realise that the majority of New Zealand is actually quite happy with equality, so get with the programme. As a general rule of thumb, don’t stereo-type anyone around you, especially as a student, where you will be surrounded by scores of intelligent young minds just like yourself.



Yes, Yes, we all saved a bit of dough over summer, but you can’t just walk up to the club flossing with $50 notes. Remember, those savings have to last you an entire year, so slow down at that bar! I realise that not everyone is a fan of pre-drinking, but this is a ritual you’re gonna need to get used to starting NOW if you want to save money and still be on a good buzz in town. Just be careful though, there is a fine line between not drunk enough for town and passed out in the WSA hallway. Above all, you don’t want to end up broke mid-year, so If you have to splurge, Pulse offers 3 Shots for $10. This is a cheap and social option for a boozy top-up in town.

(no pulse is not paying me to promote them, although, if they’re reading this, I’m taking bribes and my email is at the bottom)

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Remember to get a good sleep amongst all that O’week partying! Missing 8am lectures can be a habit forming mistake, so best to avoid this by making sure you sleep at reasonable times like little Pikachu here.


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lenny 1

Concentrate in lectures! Bring a pen and pad, use a tablet, use a laptop, I don’t care, JUST TAKE SOME DAMN NOTES ON SOMETHING. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when prompted either, just don’t ask your lecturer when you need to go to the bathroom, its not high school.

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project x

HAVEEEEEEE FUNNNNNNNNNNNN! You only get one O’Week a year and its really an excuse to party on weekdays (oh yea) Enjoy it while it lasts!

Hope this list helps you out, its’s been fun to make and comes straight from the heart, legit.

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Pre-town playlist Fridays: O-Week Edition

5 Inspiring Music Videos every Media+Design Student should watch

5 FREE Things AUT can do for YOU right now

5 Inspiring Music Videos every Media+Design Student should watch

Who said study couldn’t be fun? If you’re interested in Digital Media  or Art+Design, here is a couple of videos that will engage, inspire and  genrally “wooh” you into thinking there is actually some badass uses for your skills.

Number 5            Kud Cudi: “Day n’ Nite”

Day N’ Nite makes me think Kid Kudi  lives in some shroomed up super-mario verion of that AH HA video from the 80’s, it’s kind of disturbing. Its that kind of new age video that causes a million hipsters to simultaneously drop stirrers in their Starbucks. The animation here is all a hand drawn by French graphic designer/art director  “So Me” (No idea why he has a Japanese porn name but we’ll just go with it). AND MY GOD, is it no glorious? The pacing is perfect, the merge between actor and animation is not just passable, it’s fluid.  This proves you don’t have to be Van Gogh to fill a couple of adjustment layers in After Effects with some quirky pen-drawn goodness and make art. Just don’t do shrooms kids, because making videos is fun, but being trapped inside that video would be an absolute pants-filler.

Number 4           Coldplay: “Hurts Like Heaven”         

A comic book style video that grabs attention through its mix of 2D and 3D animation. This is a feat the animators have achieved in such unison that the depth changes are virtually transparent. Boomtastic! 3D Lighting and slick 2-Node cameras bring the fictional cityscape to life while retaining that classic cell-shaded comic book spirit. Telling a complex love story using only the power of your key-frames is no small task, no less with weird blue alien characters. Seriously man, what are those things? Extras from Avatar?

Number 3    Professor Green Feat. Ed Drewett – “I Need You Tonight”

I’m going to call this song a guilty pleasure. The green screen work is pretty basic, but if you’re looking for inspiration, there is no shame in aiming mid-range, right? Possibly the best thing about this video is that you could quite easily pull off almost every shot in here with practically no budget and only a sliver of the time some of these other videos would take to emulate. I also like the post-production work done on the time-lapse shots and the cool little lens flares, sometimes that’s all a video needs to get swag all up in that heezy.

Number 2           Bad Meets Evil: “Fast Lane” (ft. Eminem, Royce Da 5’9)

The director here has pulled an absolute humdinger example of bare-bones 2.5D animation (I’m pretty sure they didn’t even touch the ray-tracing checkbox). The realistic way in which Em and Royce interact with the objects makes me feel warm and fuzzy… which is weird because I think I’m suppose to feel rappy and angry. While it’s not the prettiest video on this list, the sheer bulk of ideas realised here is impressive, and it certainly supports the weight of its own ambition. Quick mention also to the plain warehouse setting being an AWESOME IDEA, not once did I get that “oh hell they’re using green screen so hard right now” feeling. Very cool hippedy hoppidy video.

Number 1                   Swedish House Mafia: “Greyhound”

I imagine the conversation going down between the Chef Advertiser of Smirnoff and his Boss, both drunk on a balcony at his Tuscan villa. I can picture how they talked into the wee hours of the morning about how to make kids buy their cheap vodka made from 10 Stroke Oil and yams. I can smell the sweet smoke of a poorly lit cigar rolling into the summer air, thickening the atmosphere to critical mass before… “Boss! Iv’e got it!” that is when they hired the Swedish House Mafia build and race robot dogs for them, selling tickets to the event at a premium and...[interruption as consultant walks into the room] Oh… Oh my. OK, Iv’e just been told that the events in this video aren’t real and no real robot dogs exist. Wow. In that case, this is some bomb-diggedy animation. Shit… I really wanted to start a robot puppy racing league. What? Come on, there’s money in that idea and you know it. 

Anywhoooo, is this video slightly cheapened by the fact that Smirnoff clearly bankrolled it as an advertising venture? Only if you hate money, expensive animation and undeniable quality. This is an Autodesk Maya job, and truly serves as a benchmark for budding animators out there, I mean really, the 3D robot dogs are close to feature film quality. While Autodesk Maya costs an arm and a leg… and the holy grail… and your first-born son (OK, we get it, its expensive software) Students doing animation courses will no doubt have access to a copy on Univesity or Unitec computers and can start the long road to becoming this good.

So there we are folks, get inspired and have a go!

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Pre-town playlist Fridays: O-Week Edition

5 FREE Things AUT can do for YOU right now

University is expensive, your boss doesn’t like you, cats meow. Now that we have those galring realities out of the way, lets take a quick look at the things that AUT or “Auckland University of Technology” provides absolutely FREE for young lads and lasses that have chosen to study there. So, strap on your cheap caps on ladies and gentlemen, its open season on free-stuff…

Number 5                                             O’Week  134306_10151366352411121_6078934_o Lets get the obvious ones out of the way first. AUT O’Week events are FREE for all AUT students. BAMMIE WHAM! This year it includes a rock concert by Villainy. You can take your girlfriend and listen to her complain about how she thought it was going to be “Like Skrillex” OR alternatively, have a few brews with the lads and head out for a blistering feast of NZ Rock and Roll goodness. When I saw Villainy at Kings Arms tavern last year, tickets were $30 a pop, so GET IN ON THIS concert 13th March FREE with a valid AUT Student ID! Another event which is an oldie but a goody is the O’Week Foam Party. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this unique chance to get shot with massive foam cannons and listen to DJ CXL drop the funkiest of beats in the AUT courtyard. Spill DAT beer on your shirt homie? it’s all good cos you’re covered in bubbles! AHHH I like bubbles way too much for a grown man. I apologise. For more details on O’Week festival happenings go check out the AuSUM facebook page:

Number 4                                 Microsoft Office 365 (2013) Office-Pro-Plus-2013 Mac or PC user, chances are you are running some ancient version of Microsoft Office on that shiny machine of yours. Now, I sincerely hope you didn’t go out and buy a copy of Office 2013 because Ol’ daddy warbucks up in the AUT Managerial Offices has bought us all a subscription to Microsoft office 365. What is Office 365 you ask? Its all your favourite essential Office programs such as Word, Power Point and One Note made available download to your desktop for offline use,  and thanks to cloud computing, all of your devices (if you install the corresponding android and iOS apps). This service usually costs $145 a year on its most basic plan, so AUT has really done us all a solid here. COP IT NOW (available from the 24th February according to the AUT website).  Simply login here to download:

Number 3                                        Lynda Last year AUT subscribed to the online training video encyclopaedia and it couldn’t have happen at a better time. I had just entered the Digital Media stream of my communications course and had opened the Pandora’s box that is Adobe After Effects… anyway, my suffering was short lived, after signing using the AUT Portal (instructions below) I was able to pull up a series of professional, helpful tutorials that suited my scatter brained –let’s go walk to the microwave and pet the cat then maybe watch another video– learning strategy. Whatever you might want to learn about (your new copy of Microsoft Office 365 perhaps?) they have a software tutorial for it, complete with exercise files to download so you can actually follow along with exactly what’s happening in the video on your own computer! GENIUSSSSS! If you have software learning needs, look no further than Lynda, I use this site weekly and I’m hooked like a puppy on cat treats. Information on the one-time set up to login through the AUT portal can be found that the bottom of the page in this link:

Number 2                                        Debate Magazine  13375_431947703566805_655831309_n

Debate Magazine is the official AUT student publication available FREE year round. The O’Week edition last year was jam packed with advice on being a first year student, including the cheeky tip about brewing your own beer! I had a daily 15min bus ride and would some times find myself thumbing through the pages of a Debate when it got lonely (oh how I longed for your company dear reader) and I always found at least one section that could hold my attention. You can also sign up to write for them if you have an interest in journalism, or just want to have a crack at getting your voice printed on to that shiny, shiny paper.

Number 1                                           AuSM Free Feeds 429292_10151086094526121_76228107_n

Sweet mother of food. One thing nobody can fault AUT on is its capacity to treat its students well in the food department. All year round, for barely any reason at all, these beautiful little stalls shot up on the North Shore and City campuses bearing the sweet nectar of hamburger, sausage, american hot-dog and hash-brown. Expect decent lines on occasion, but always stay for the food, free food is worth the wait, ALWAYS. Save yourself a dime and have AUT make lunch for a change. Now if only they would acknowledge my many letters to include free beer in these stalls. hmm, oh well… a man can dream.

The END…?

Anyway, that tops off our list young people of Auckland and beyond. Be sure to follow on WordPress for more Uni Student lists of interest and good luck with finishing O’Week under budget! Regards, Taz

Pictures via AuSM facebook, go give them a like!

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Pre-town playlist Fridays: O-Week Edition

Pre-town playlist Fridays: O-Week Edition


You made it to University, congrats! There are going to teach you some important things for sure, but thanks to Friday nights, you’ll probably forget every single on of those scarring morning lectures worth of expensive tuition! Ah bless University. Now I caution you, on my O-Week after indulging in… perhaps a few beverages…  I left a pie in the microwave for 30 minutes, setting it on fire and resulting in a 3am alarm and my entire housing section being marched outside. Not so great for them, but apparently I hugged a fire chief, so its not all bad, you don’t get to do that everyday, right?. All I remember about that night is *Blur blur Blur blur blur* then the village security guard woke me up the next morning with full a run-down of my mischief. True Story. Ah 2013, times were different then, more raging. 

I bet you’re wondering “Dang nabbit Taz, I sure would like to be a rebel like you, but I just don’t have the correct playlist for such mayhem, guess i’ll have to spend my O-Week inside reading Mark Twain.” But to these people I say. Sadly you will

Unless you download Spotify free music player at this link:             

OR even better, you already have it and can just swag-click on the songs below for instant playing goodness!

In which case, here is your O-Week top 10 playlist to spark that Friday night. Just promise me you will figure out the microwave at your accommodation before you start drinking.


In the Spirit of Friday, I did this blog in it’s entirety, while drinking. Getting pretty tipsy now. Taz out. 

Top 10 Songs to Impress Your New Flatmates

Moving to a new flat or student hall can be a stressful time, especially when you don’t know who you might be staying with. So this week for my Student top 10, I’m doing “Top 10 Songs to Impress Your New Flatmates” so you can be packing the right heat on your iPod when it comes time to leave the nest. The list has spotify embedded so to check the tracks all you have to do is press play.

 Number 10               The 1975: “The City”


There is a lot to like about the 4 piece synth-rock from Manchester. While the lead single “Chocolate” was the heavy hitter at this years festival scene (including our own Big Day Out) , “The City” takes this spot for capturing that melodic overtone Brit-rockers do so well, while not typecasting the band as obscure hipster music. Its impressive to hear the bassy synth through a sound system with decent lower end. Even your EDM loving flatmate will appreciate a little bit of  “The 1975” goodness. Maybe.

Number 9          Big Boi: “Apple of My Eye”

Big Boi

So your idea of rap is Justin Beiber’s “Boyfriend” … (I’ll order your therapy now). In all seriousness though, walking around with an iPod without any rap music doesn’t project a well rounded musical persona Dawwwg (We boys now so I can call you that). That’s where Big Boi’s “Apple of My Eye” comes in. A simple old school sample with that OutKast spirit will have you wanting to put it on repeat.  Lyrically it’s a gem, and if you enjoyed the tracks “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky” you will dig the New School/Old School crossover vibe at work here, a sure flat pleaser.

Number 8         Lorde: “Million Dollar Bills”
 Lorde 1

 Takapuna’s darling, the 2 time Grammy award winner Lorde (or Ella if you know her personally, which every 2nd person I meet in Auckland seems to claim) has a lot of reasons to be singing happy, upbeat songs like “Million Dollar Bills.” A stark contrast to other tracks on her debt album, the track loops her voice but doesn’t come off sounding annoying or incessant, on the contrary, producer Joel Little shows his best form on “Million Dollar Bills” while Lorde is no slacker in providing a delightful and well thought out hook to fill out the otherwise linear soundscape. Give this one a go and you’ll have your male and female flatties asking for your Spotify creds in no time.

Number 7    Fenech-Soler: “In Our Blood”

I can’t really get a beat on these guys. They are  Indie… kind of… electronic… some ahhh. The point is, they sound fresh. While it doesn’t break any records for variety, it is catchy and fun, especially after a few drinks. The purpose of this track is to sooth you into a good pre-town mood without having to actually play music the DJs are going to be spinning in town. If that makes sense. Have you seen the picture, you see that? Pretty much explains how I feel about how this caption turned out. Just listen.

 Number 6                            Mausi: “Move”

 If you didn’t get on board with this track last year, now is the time to pick it up. Mausi knows how to compose a song, from its solid vocal build at the start to the wash-echo at the end of each chorus, the track seems effortless and epic at the same time. It does walk the awkward line between danceable and chillable (that’s a word now because I say it is) BUT you wont be thinking about that, instead, you’ll be singing along loudly with your flatmates.

Number 5       Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Eighty4 Fly): “Gold “
ryan lewis

 This track know’s what it is, a cheery little tune that doesn’t want to be rap. Macklemore does what he does best, producing what is closer to radio-pop than Grammy-worthy Hip-Hop. Still, you must give the man credit where credit is due, this song is a mood elevator and you can’t deny that chorus, it’s the kind of hook that gets you like its standing at your window tap, tap, tapping away until you let it in. If you’re lucky, one of your flatties might even start up a “Kendrik was robbed” monologue; that alone is a good enough reason to hit play.

 Number 4              Tegan And Sara: “Closer”


 What Tegan and Sara lack in Hype, they make up for in style. This track could get your grandmother dancing, no kidding, it’s that good. Again, I will class this as pre-town music (although I have put it into several of my DJ sets and it always went down well). Whatever mood you are in, bang on “Closer” if it doesn’t make you a little bit more ready to energetically beat up a room of people have a good night in town, I don’t know what will.

Number 3              Maroon 5: “Lucky Strike”


How was this not a single? The song actually makes your speakers quiver with euphoria, gets your girlfriend pregnant to Adam Levine and makes your pool briefly turn to marshmallow icecream (disclaimer: none of these things actually happen). But my god, it comes close. Breaking the top 3 because you can’t honestly tell me you didn’t listen to this track twice-to-twenty times more after your first play. Adam sings like Morgan Freeman narrates, undeniably sexy.

Number 2                 BANGLADE$H: “Lean”


These talented little kiwi blokes snag number 2 for their track that just makes you want to roll your shoulders and grin like an idiot. Flatmates will nod in approval if you play this while the weather still warrants a cheery pop romp. Quickly! before the rain comes!

Number 1     Kendrik Lamar: “m.A.A.d City”

kendrick 1

Now, I know this probably seems like a bad idea, but NUMBER ONE goes to Kendrik. Now i’ll let the music speak for itself, but just remember, white girls from Cali to the hardest crips in Compton jammed this tune, and for good reason. A rip-snorting rap beat and absolutely poetic lyrics that are drenched in intelligence and double meanings. If you play this and a drinks at your flat and you don’t hear a minimum of 4 people share an excited “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh”  you have permission to never read my blog again. O.K. Taz out.

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