Top 10 Songs to Impress Your New Flatmates

Moving to a new flat or student hall can be a stressful time, especially when you don’t know who you might be staying with. So this week for my Student top 10, I’m doing “Top 10 Songs to Impress Your New Flatmates” so you can be packing the right heat on your iPod when it comes time to leave the nest. The list has spotify embedded so to check the tracks all you have to do is press play.

 Number 10               The 1975: “The City”


There is a lot to like about the 4 piece synth-rock from Manchester. While the lead single “Chocolate” was the heavy hitter at this years festival scene (including our own Big Day Out) , “The City” takes this spot for capturing that melodic overtone Brit-rockers do so well, while not typecasting the band as obscure hipster music. Its impressive to hear the bassy synth through a sound system with decent lower end. Even your EDM loving flatmate will appreciate a little bit of  “The 1975” goodness. Maybe.

Number 9          Big Boi: “Apple of My Eye”

Big Boi

So your idea of rap is Justin Beiber’s “Boyfriend” … (I’ll order your therapy now). In all seriousness though, walking around with an iPod without any rap music doesn’t project a well rounded musical persona Dawwwg (We boys now so I can call you that). That’s where Big Boi’s “Apple of My Eye” comes in. A simple old school sample with that OutKast spirit will have you wanting to put it on repeat.  Lyrically it’s a gem, and if you enjoyed the tracks “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky” you will dig the New School/Old School crossover vibe at work here, a sure flat pleaser.

Number 8         Lorde: “Million Dollar Bills”
 Lorde 1

 Takapuna’s darling, the 2 time Grammy award winner Lorde (or Ella if you know her personally, which every 2nd person I meet in Auckland seems to claim) has a lot of reasons to be singing happy, upbeat songs like “Million Dollar Bills.” A stark contrast to other tracks on her debt album, the track loops her voice but doesn’t come off sounding annoying or incessant, on the contrary, producer Joel Little shows his best form on “Million Dollar Bills” while Lorde is no slacker in providing a delightful and well thought out hook to fill out the otherwise linear soundscape. Give this one a go and you’ll have your male and female flatties asking for your Spotify creds in no time.

Number 7    Fenech-Soler: “In Our Blood”

I can’t really get a beat on these guys. They are  Indie… kind of… electronic… some ahhh. The point is, they sound fresh. While it doesn’t break any records for variety, it is catchy and fun, especially after a few drinks. The purpose of this track is to sooth you into a good pre-town mood without having to actually play music the DJs are going to be spinning in town. If that makes sense. Have you seen the picture, you see that? Pretty much explains how I feel about how this caption turned out. Just listen.

 Number 6                            Mausi: “Move”

 If you didn’t get on board with this track last year, now is the time to pick it up. Mausi knows how to compose a song, from its solid vocal build at the start to the wash-echo at the end of each chorus, the track seems effortless and epic at the same time. It does walk the awkward line between danceable and chillable (that’s a word now because I say it is) BUT you wont be thinking about that, instead, you’ll be singing along loudly with your flatmates.

Number 5       Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Eighty4 Fly): “Gold “
ryan lewis

 This track know’s what it is, a cheery little tune that doesn’t want to be rap. Macklemore does what he does best, producing what is closer to radio-pop than Grammy-worthy Hip-Hop. Still, you must give the man credit where credit is due, this song is a mood elevator and you can’t deny that chorus, it’s the kind of hook that gets you like its standing at your window tap, tap, tapping away until you let it in. If you’re lucky, one of your flatties might even start up a “Kendrik was robbed” monologue; that alone is a good enough reason to hit play.

 Number 4              Tegan And Sara: “Closer”


 What Tegan and Sara lack in Hype, they make up for in style. This track could get your grandmother dancing, no kidding, it’s that good. Again, I will class this as pre-town music (although I have put it into several of my DJ sets and it always went down well). Whatever mood you are in, bang on “Closer” if it doesn’t make you a little bit more ready to energetically beat up a room of people have a good night in town, I don’t know what will.

Number 3              Maroon 5: “Lucky Strike”


How was this not a single? The song actually makes your speakers quiver with euphoria, gets your girlfriend pregnant to Adam Levine and makes your pool briefly turn to marshmallow icecream (disclaimer: none of these things actually happen). But my god, it comes close. Breaking the top 3 because you can’t honestly tell me you didn’t listen to this track twice-to-twenty times more after your first play. Adam sings like Morgan Freeman narrates, undeniably sexy.

Number 2                 BANGLADE$H: “Lean”


These talented little kiwi blokes snag number 2 for their track that just makes you want to roll your shoulders and grin like an idiot. Flatmates will nod in approval if you play this while the weather still warrants a cheery pop romp. Quickly! before the rain comes!

Number 1     Kendrik Lamar: “m.A.A.d City”

kendrick 1

Now, I know this probably seems like a bad idea, but NUMBER ONE goes to Kendrik. Now i’ll let the music speak for itself, but just remember, white girls from Cali to the hardest crips in Compton jammed this tune, and for good reason. A rip-snorting rap beat and absolutely poetic lyrics that are drenched in intelligence and double meanings. If you play this and a drinks at your flat and you don’t hear a minimum of 4 people share an excited “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh”  you have permission to never read my blog again. O.K. Taz out.

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