Pre-town playlist Fridays: O-Week Edition


You made it to University, congrats! There are going to teach you some important things for sure, but thanks to Friday nights, you’ll probably forget every single on of those scarring morning lectures worth of expensive tuition! Ah bless University. Now I caution you, on my O-Week after indulging in… perhaps a few beverages…  I left a pie in the microwave for 30 minutes, setting it on fire and resulting in a 3am alarm and my entire housing section being marched outside. Not so great for them, but apparently I hugged a fire chief, so its not all bad, you don’t get to do that everyday, right?. All I remember about that night is *Blur blur Blur blur blur* then the village security guard woke me up the next morning with full a run-down of my mischief. True Story. Ah 2013, times were different then, more raging. 

I bet you’re wondering “Dang nabbit Taz, I sure would like to be a rebel like you, but I just don’t have the correct playlist for such mayhem, guess i’ll have to spend my O-Week inside reading Mark Twain.” But to these people I say. Sadly you will

Unless you download Spotify free music player at this link:             

OR even better, you already have it and can just swag-click on the songs below for instant playing goodness!

In which case, here is your O-Week top 10 playlist to spark that Friday night. Just promise me you will figure out the microwave at your accommodation before you start drinking.


In the Spirit of Friday, I did this blog in it’s entirety, while drinking. Getting pretty tipsy now. Taz out. 


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