5 FREE Things AUT can do for YOU right now

University is expensive, your boss doesn’t like you, cats meow. Now that we have those galring realities out of the way, lets take a quick look at the things that AUT or “Auckland University of Technology” provides absolutely FREE for young lads and lasses that have chosen to study there. So, strap on your cheap caps on ladies and gentlemen, its open season on free-stuff…

Number 5                                             O’Week  134306_10151366352411121_6078934_o Lets get the obvious ones out of the way first. AUT O’Week events are FREE for all AUT students. BAMMIE WHAM! This year it includes a rock concert by Villainy. You can take your girlfriend and listen to her complain about how she thought it was going to be “Like Skrillex” OR alternatively, have a few brews with the lads and head out for a blistering feast of NZ Rock and Roll goodness. When I saw Villainy at Kings Arms tavern last year, tickets were $30 a pop, so GET IN ON THIS concert 13th March FREE with a valid AUT Student ID! Another event which is an oldie but a goody is the O’Week Foam Party. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this unique chance to get shot with massive foam cannons and listen to DJ CXL drop the funkiest of beats in the AUT courtyard. Spill DAT beer on your shirt homie? it’s all good cos you’re covered in bubbles! AHHH I like bubbles way too much for a grown man. I apologise. For more details on O’Week festival happenings go check out the AuSUM facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ausm1/events

Number 4                                 Microsoft Office 365 (2013) Office-Pro-Plus-2013 Mac or PC user, chances are you are running some ancient version of Microsoft Office on that shiny machine of yours. Now, I sincerely hope you didn’t go out and buy a copy of Office 2013 because Ol’ daddy warbucks up in the AUT Managerial Offices has bought us all a subscription to Microsoft office 365. What is Office 365 you ask? Its all your favourite essential Office programs such as Word, Power Point and One Note made available download to your desktop for offline use,  and thanks to cloud computing, all of your devices (if you install the corresponding android and iOS apps). This service usually costs $145 a year on its most basic plan, so AUT has really done us all a solid here. COP IT NOW (available from the 24th February according to the AUT website).  Simply login here to download: https://unicentral.aut.ac.nz/Pages/default.aspx

Number 3                                                Lynda.com  Lynda Last year AUT subscribed to the online training video encyclopaedia www.lynda.com and it couldn’t have happen at a better time. I had just entered the Digital Media stream of my communications course and had opened the Pandora’s box that is Adobe After Effects… anyway, my suffering was short lived, after signing using the AUT Portal (instructions below) I was able to pull up a series of professional, helpful tutorials that suited my scatter brained –let’s go walk to the microwave and pet the cat then maybe watch another video– learning strategy. Whatever you might want to learn about (your new copy of Microsoft Office 365 perhaps?) they have a software tutorial for it, complete with exercise files to download so you can actually follow along with exactly what’s happening in the video on your own computer! GENIUSSSSS! If you have software learning needs, look no further than Lynda, I use this site weekly and I’m hooked like a puppy on cat treats. Information on the one-time set up to login through the AUT portal can be found that the bottom of the page in this link:  http://www.aut.ac.nz/being-a-student/current-undergraduates/academic-information/academic-and-study-support/student-learning/useful-links-and-resources

Number 2                                        Debate Magazine  13375_431947703566805_655831309_n

Debate Magazine is the official AUT student publication available FREE year round. The O’Week edition last year was jam packed with advice on being a first year student, including the cheeky tip about brewing your own beer! I had a daily 15min bus ride and would some times find myself thumbing through the pages of a Debate when it got lonely (oh how I longed for your company dear reader) and I always found at least one section that could hold my attention. You can also sign up to write for them if you have an interest in journalism, or just want to have a crack at getting your voice printed on to that shiny, shiny paper.

Number 1                                           AuSM Free Feeds 429292_10151086094526121_76228107_n

Sweet mother of food. One thing nobody can fault AUT on is its capacity to treat its students well in the food department. All year round, for barely any reason at all, these beautiful little stalls shot up on the North Shore and City campuses bearing the sweet nectar of hamburger, sausage, american hot-dog and hash-brown. Expect decent lines on occasion, but always stay for the food, free food is worth the wait, ALWAYS. Save yourself a dime and have AUT make lunch for a change. Now if only they would acknowledge my many letters to include free beer in these stalls. hmm, oh well… a man can dream.

The END…?

Anyway, that tops off our list young people of Auckland and beyond. Be sure to follow on WordPress for more Uni Student lists of interest and good luck with finishing O’Week under budget! Regards, Taz

Pictures via AuSM facebook, go give them a like!

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