Pre-Town playlist Fridays: TASTY REMIX EDITION


Hello Auckland, oh how you missed me. Iv’e been so busy with study I forgot to post for a couple weeks. But im back. As promised, here is your pre-town playlists for this weekend’s alcohol fuelled exploits. #drinkirresponsively

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First Week Advice for Uni Students in Auckland (in GIFs!)


ATTENTION ALL FRESHERS, DON’T PANIC! I hate yelling at you guys, but really, it is your first week at Uni, it’s meant to be fun and exciting so chill with me a sec alright. I understand that you are acutely aware of this being all new to you, what you might forget is that your lecturers know you’re new too! They aren’t about to give you 3 assignments in the first week, and even if they do, they have realistic expectations about how much time it will take you to complete them.  In addition to this, assessors will be more lenient on grading now than they will EVER be in future, so you have that going for you, which is nice. Sure, you need to take everything in the first week seriously but remember, from Bio-med to Bussiness, they aren’t gonna drown you and make you hate your course this early. Oh, and before you go telling me I don’t know shit about shit, I lived with 1st year Med-students last year, so I can comment with some authority here. If they can handle it, SO CAN YOU.    GOOOOO YOU!   *Spirit fingers*

bb 1

If you come from a small town and have some backwards opinions on political, social and racial issues, the GIF image above explains how Auckland people will see you for expressing these beliefs of old. (Just to be clear, your religion is cool, this article has nothing to do with that! We’re talking prejudice here). Auckland is a multi-cultural society and like it or not, you have to be open  minded to live and love here. Moving on… you know what happen in Auckland last year? Same love happen, the entire Skytower was rainbow coloured, Maurice Williamson’s epic speech happen and everyone came to realise that the majority of New Zealand is actually quite happy with equality, so get with the programme. As a general rule of thumb, don’t stereo-type anyone around you, especially as a student, where you will be surrounded by scores of intelligent young minds just like yourself.



Yes, Yes, we all saved a bit of dough over summer, but you can’t just walk up to the club flossing with $50 notes. Remember, those savings have to last you an entire year, so slow down at that bar! I realise that not everyone is a fan of pre-drinking, but this is a ritual you’re gonna need to get used to starting NOW if you want to save money and still be on a good buzz in town. Just be careful though, there is a fine line between not drunk enough for town and passed out in the WSA hallway. Above all, you don’t want to end up broke mid-year, so If you have to splurge, Pulse offers 3 Shots for $10. This is a cheap and social option for a boozy top-up in town.

(no pulse is not paying me to promote them, although, if they’re reading this, I’m taking bribes and my email is at the bottom)

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Remember to get a good sleep amongst all that O’week partying! Missing 8am lectures can be a habit forming mistake, so best to avoid this by making sure you sleep at reasonable times like little Pikachu here.


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lenny 1

Concentrate in lectures! Bring a pen and pad, use a tablet, use a laptop, I don’t care, JUST TAKE SOME DAMN NOTES ON SOMETHING. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when prompted either, just don’t ask your lecturer when you need to go to the bathroom, its not high school.

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project x

HAVEEEEEEE FUNNNNNNNNNNNN! You only get one O’Week a year and its really an excuse to party on weekdays (oh yea) Enjoy it while it lasts!

Hope this list helps you out, its’s been fun to make and comes straight from the heart, legit.

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Pre-town playlist Fridays: O-Week Edition

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