5 Albums to crank during Uni Break

1. Far East Movement: Free Wired (2010)

Song to cop:

You can sing every word of “Like a G6” but can’t name me a single other track from the album? Oh lordy that is disturbing. When I first started DJ’ing I relied heavily on this album. Songs such as “White Flag” and “Rocketeer” provide excellent pre-party tuneage while the rowdy beats of “Girls on the Dance Floor” and “If I was You (OMG)” can elevate DAT mood to krumpity krump levels. If you are terrible at spllellin spelllyn spelun spelling, then the track above will help you with the words B-O-O-T-Y and C-O-N-D-O. Yea, it’s even educational. DAT track was hot, this album is hotter. Have a Snoop, no Lion (GET IT).



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2. Infant Sorrow: Get Him To The Greek: Original Soundtrack (2010)

Song to cop:

This movie is funny as hell. If you haven’t seen the Russel Brand epic Get Him to the Greek, then you’re a bad person and you should watch it RIGHT NOW. I’m leaving “Super tight (Feat. Aldous Snow)” above, because who can resist lines such as “You’re so tight, like a wet vice” hah. yea, there’s that. I honestly could quote lines 10 times more offensive in that song alone, so grateful I held back. This is more than just a movie soundtrack to me, it’s actually a really clever piece of social commentary. Sure, most tracks are overdone and hyperbolic for comic effect, but in 2014 could any of these songs actually shock us? I doubt it. If Rihanna can get away with “S&M”, KE$HA can sing about being a hoe and snorting blow, and Katy Perry can get nakeder and nakeder (it’s a word now) in every video, can we really say this content on this album any more shocking? I would suggest not. “Going Up'” and “F.O.H” are stand out tracks because in a light hearted way, they actually manage to be seriously inspiring. At least one listen through is essential to squeeze the comedy goodness out of this beauty.

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3. Nas: Illmatic (1994)

Song to cop:

Rap fan or not, Illmatic will get in your bones like the MSG in 2 minute noodles. This is not gangster rap, so even casual rap fans will find this accessible. Nas isn’t trying to be offensive or pretentious here, what Illmatic did was tell a story, take it or leave it, hate it or love it. Tracks such as “Halftime” and “The World is Yours” remind me why I love rap music, not to rebel or pretend I’m hood, but because rappers reach a level of soul and meaning through their verses that my rock n’ roll idols couldn’t manage with a million Marshal stacks and 20mins of lead solo. If you have nothing to do these holidays, crank it.


2. Ludovico Einaudi: In a Time Lapse (2013)

Song to cop:

The track above is featured in the 2014 movie The Book Thief, so mad points if you caught that one. This is my study album, it is also the most played album on my Spotify, which is kind of a big deal. Ludovico Einaudi takes classical music and gives it a modern feel and melodic lift. If you’re desperate enough to study these holidays, this is your soundtrack. First time through, listen from start to finish (it tells a story, so its worth doing in order).

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1. Flume: Flume (2012)

Song to cop:

Like many of the items I give the #1 spot, this requires little explanation. Flume, that cheeky Australian devil took the world by storm with this album. Everyone has no doubt smashed “Hyper paradise (Flume Remix)” and “Holdin’ On” a million times already, but you should also check out tracks such as “Insane” and “Sleepless” if they slipped through your fingertips first time round. Fine musical goodness. HOLLA


Cheers for reading and follow my blog for more student goodness!



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