Top 7 way to get followed on Spotify (with cat gifs!)

Just Chillin 2

With cat gifs! Why? Because why not. Moving on.

Spotify is an epic service, whether you’re shelling out the 12 chips a month to take it offline, or just dipping your feet in with the free version, you’re getting quite a robust and socially integrated music streaming tool. I am a self-professed Spotify addict, with a humble 102 total followers. I’m a DJ by trade, so I suppose I’m cheating a little. Whether you think this is more shameless self-promotion than “well-researched content” you could still stand to learn a little something from this article. Plus there’s cats, so I know you’re gonna read it anyway.

Name your playlist appropriately

Name appropriately

Using your name as the name of a playlist (unless you’re really, really cool. Like, we’re talking Jack Nicholson in Wayfarers riding a dolphin cool) it is tired and predictable to use your namesake as your playlist. So avoid this faux pas straight up. You don’t want failure to launch like the poor kitty above. You need a name to suit the style of playlist, assuming it’s a compilation, show some dynamism with a name like absolute slangers or “Ain’t no nappy ass music, dis ISSH dank”. The latter doesn’t exist so you can take that name if you’d like. You know you want too.

Whatever you chose, make sure it captures the mood you will be trying to create with the kind of content you’re adding. For example, if you playlist will only include party music, try and make direct reference to alcohol, drugs or gambling with dogs. Not trying to be funny here, that’s really a thing. I’ve seen paintings. Another thing, keep it 3 words or below as it’s classier if it’s readable in the sidebar.

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Have good source material (But don’t steal)variety

When Just Chillin started getting attention, it was really cool to see some of the more obscure tracks I added ending up in the playlists of my followers. However, copying the entire playlist of one of your Facebook friends is a breach, man. Don’t be a sucker. You need your own vibe in your playlist and pinching too many tracks from others is no way to achieve that. Lay your swagger out. Some inspiration for Just Chillin came from the playlist High Life by a Facebook friend of mine, with its nice indie rock vibe that really struck a chord with me. I probably owe half of my followers to fresh tacks I added from High Life early on and I recommend giving this underrated playlist a follow. Or find your own inspiration from people you think have an epic taste in tuneage.

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Spend time on that THANG

Spend time

Don’t be satisfied by throwing a whole album in your playlist just because it’s popular at the moment, Break it up. Only put the top 3 songs from one album in at a time maximum. Even if you love every track on the album, having an entire album grouped up on your playlist is going to restrict accessibility to someone who doesn’t know the artist and look hella sloppy. Lull them in gently with just a few songs by the artist evenly dispersed around the playlist. As well as this, make sure you spend time on your top 12 tracks, these are the most visible to someone deciding whether to click that follow button and are crucial to closing the deal.

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Thank you for reading

Spotify allows you to add songs from your library that it doesn’t have, and when other users click on these tracks, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS AND ITS FRUSTRATING AS HELL. While it sucks majorly that Spotify’s remix catalogue is currently limited to official remixes only, putting in your own content will lead to a playlist that might look good to you, but is full of gaping chasms of useless click-hell for other users. As for local files dragged in from an iTunes playlist, check that all of these have been matched to Spotify’s server tacks so they too are consistent and play when clicked by other users.

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Keep an ear on Movie and video-game soundtracks.

spend time 11

The only link I wanna make between the image and the content in this paragraph is that if that if this cat were a person, it would be James Bond. Moving on. Directors pick tracks they think will add tension, atmosphere or develop characters. With the exception of the AC/DC overload in Iron Man 2 or any soundtrack mashed together human-centipede style by Michael Bay. Breaking Bad had some awesome and diverse tunes that ended up on some my playlists, and I can vouch that any show as well thought out as that will have some gems in the Ol’ soundtrack. Remember to write down some lyrics while you’re watching so you can find the tune later.

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Introduce some variety

group tracks

Inconsistency is annoying, variety is refreshing. There is absolutely no problem with switching an old album for fresher tracks, just remember to keep your playlist relatively intact. The cat playing exemplary Jenga here is a beautiful metaphor for this… or maybe I just wanted to add a GIF of a cat playing Jenga, so sue me. It’s a blurry line, and I’m not gonna say ditch your theme entirely, but do experiment a little with tunes from genres. There is nothing quite like jamming to an electric/indie playlist only to have a random 90’s track pop up from nowhere and give you that mad-decent nostalgic buzz. My current playlist Just Chillin II has everything from Tyler the Creator to Broods and Scissor Sisters. This came from exploring the whole album (shocking, not just the singles) of some of the artists in the Top 40 and beyond. The other advantage of exploring new albums really early is you can get sick tracks before they become singles and establish your place as an opinion leader. You hipster you.

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Know when to Quit

know when to quit

Just Chillin has 420 tracks. Yes that was intentional. Not because I’m a stoner, just because that number felt right. People are lazy and are likely to consume a playlist that is short n’ sweet rather than long and indulgent. Keep a playlist going for around 300 tracks, then cap it and start another one. Don’t be afraid to start from zero again. If your first playlist was good, this one will get followed too. HINT HINT  Just Chillin II… … … Yea I know, I’m white girling.

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Thank you for reading. Press that follow button if you’re one of the exciting people that have WordPress.

Playlists mentioned in this blog to follow for inspiration: 

Just Chillin

Just Chillin II

High Life

absolute slangers

Other epic playlists:




DJ Stuff


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